Why Brother Printer shows offline error when it is not?

Are you a Brother Printer user? Have you ever come across an error message saying that your printer is now offline? If yes, then it is evident that the printer will automatically stop working correctly, and also, it would not be able to get connected to any of the peripheral devices. Moreover, wireless printing also becomes a troublesome task when your printer is in the offline mode. So, here, we will try to figure out some of the primary reasons why your Brother shows that it is in an offline mode. And yes, if you want to troubleshoot this error, make sure that you have taken help from Brother Customer Service.

USB Cable or Network Problem

Your Brother printer can likewise be recorded as "Offline" if its association is defective. Just in case, if you associate with your printer using a USB link, the link could have a significant issue with its equipment; Brother suggests USB links that have curved combine wiring, are protected and are not more than 6 feet long. If you interface with your printer using a system, the system could be down or firewall-secured; Brother suggests checking your system's switch or checking your PC's firewall setting to ensure it doesn't hinder the system association and running system association diagnostics.

Printer Error

Your Brother Printer could be recorded as "offline" if it is encountering any errors, for example, "Toner is Empty" or "Paper Jamming error," both of which would avoid printing. Brother says it is best to keep an eye on the LCD screen of the printer to check what exactly the name of the error is. If you see any error code or message there, take help from the professionals as they will brief you about common brother printer errors & solutions.

Printer is not Turned on:

Your Brother Printer could be recorded as "Offline" because it isn't turned on. Regardless of the possibility that your printer is associated with your PC using USB, your PC won't perceive any association if the printer is off. Brother recommends checking the printer's LCD screen; on the off chance that it is clear, at that point the printer may not be controlled on. Ensure the printer is connected to an electrical outlet, the outlet is working, and all changes are swung to the "On" setting.

If the Printer is not the Default One:

Your Brother printer can be "Offline if that it isn't set as the default printer on your PC. A default printer is a printer your tablet or PC consequently sends a print work (unless you indicate something else) when you click "Print." If your Brother printer isn't the default, your PC might attempt to interface with an alternate printer. You can make the printer as default in your PC's "device" section. If it isn't recorded as a gadget in the section for the device, you should re-introduce the printer driver via a CD-ROM or Brother's official website.

Now that you have understood the reasons, it is best to take significant steps for troubleshooting the offline error. If you don’t know how to fix this problem, we would recommend you to take help via Brother Printer Support Line. Yes, there are a lot of processes through which you can connect with the professionals, the most common and reliable one is via calls. So, just dial their customer service number and you will be able to contact the Brother Printer experts immediately. But, somehow if you don’t have their number, we would advise you to go to the website of Contactforhelp. Here, you will find a plethora of numbers, but the best thing is that all the numbers enlisted here are authentic and verified. Also, the online directory mostly enlists numbers of customer support and services that are located in the USA or Canada.


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