What are the different ways to add text boxes in your Google Docs?

  Google docs have the feature to make your document look more professional and stand out. You can do so by using Google text boxes. Read this blog to know how to insert a text box in google docs ! Follow the steps to insert a text box in your google docs: First method: Use the drawing tool Make sure you go to the google doc and open the insert drop-down menu Click on drawing Add +new Click the text box icon Draw your text box Enter your text you want Make any customizations you wish to make to the text Click save and close You have successfully added the text box using the drawing tool. Second method: Use a single-cell table Open your google doc Go to your document and select the insert men Click on 1 cell table in the first square in the table option Enter your text Make sure you adjust the height and width of the text Drag them into place and it will become your text box You can choose to use this method i

How to delete multiple Facebook friends at once?

  Social media can be an amazing way to socialize and learn with other people but sometimes you might want to get rid of people that may be oversharing and too noisy for your Facebook platform. We will show you how to delete your friends in bulk. Read this blog to know more on how to delete multiple friends at once, if you wish to know how to hide friends list on Facebook  then visit our website! Enter your login credential on Facebook Go to your profile and go to your page Make sure you select the friend’s tab. Locate your friends and more and click on the friend’s button Select your unfriend tab Repeat and you will find the filters to find the oldest of friends or new as per your preference. Another method to clear up your friends list: Open your Facebook Go to the left side and you will see the drop-down menu Select the news feed preference on the drop-down menu If you would like to unfollow groups, pages, and groups

How to fix the issue of not opening links on Android?

  Gmail app is used by many for the purpose of emailing services be it personal or for business. Gmail has the feature of opening the links automatically from your email but sometimes it doesn’t work. Read this blog to know more about the issue of Gmail not opening links and if you wish to know the solution to  Gmail won't load , make sure you visit our website! Follow these steps to know how to fix the issue: 1.       Tap on your play store 2.       Search your Android system web view 3.       Tap on update on Chrome. 4.       Disabling-app browser for Gmail, and open Gmail on your device. Open your settings and select turn ff open web links in Gmail 5.       Restart your Gmail 6.       Disable any third-party anti-virus app which is not active. 7.       Turn off Adblocker as it may interfere with the Gmail. 8.       Reset your Gmail by opening your settings and tap on apps and notifications. Clear your storage and it’s successfully reset. 9.       Reset Google


C anon is widely recognized for providing excellent printers that are efficient and user-friendly. The Canon printers satisfactorily fulfill home printing needs and office printing needs as their printers include diverse features. One of Canon's productions is the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer; it is a wireless, compact, and affordable printer. The printer supports AirPrint and Google Cloud Print which enables the users to print from anywhere in the house with no wires connected. The printer is compatible with XL ink cartridges resulting in less change ink in Canon printer and more productive printing as they are more durable than the normal sizes. Despite the commendable features, some users may have problems while setting up the printer. The Setup can be tricky for users who have no significant prior knowledge on how one can set up the printer at home. Fortunately, you can find the elaborated steps to complete the printer’s setup. STEPS TO SETUP CANON PIXMA TS3122 Setting up yo


 Facebook is one of the most prominent social media networks, with the most extensive user base and wide availability amongst countries. It is an excellent source of marketing and advertising, and it is also a great platform to socialize and make friends. This social media platform's sole purpose is to connect users, irrespective of their location, virtually. Facebook has numerous features that let you use this platform the way you wish to. It enables you to tweak privacy settings, general settings, add preferred people, unfriend unwanted people, deactivate an account, or permanently delete it. You will find  how to delete Facebook business page   in this blog; kindly read below to find out. STEPS TO DELETE FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE Facebook is a proactive network that understands its users' needs. For whatever reason you may have, Facebook enables you to delete or deactivate your account as per your preference. However, you do have to follow specific guidelines before you st

What Procedure Should I Follow to Include Contacts on Gmail?

One of the most preferred email service providers, Gmail has been incorporated with the features like adding contacts in order to share emails with the group members. But what if you don’t know how to add contacts to Gmail or include them all? Here’re the steps you should know how you can add or include contacts to your Gmail account.     Steps to Add or Include Contacts to Gmail Account Step 1: Go to Gmail. Step 2: click on the drop-down button for the apps menu, in the upper right corner of your screen, next to your profile picture. Step 3: Click on "Contacts" to open your Google Contacts page from the apps menu. Step 4: Click on the Create contact located in the top left corner. Step 5: Enter the required contact information Step 6: Click on "Save" to add the person to your contacts list. That’s it. If you’ve any other concerns, for example, you want to delete contacts on Gmail, keep following the steps: Go to Google Contacts. Select one of the

How do I change PayPal Password?

PayPal is a payment gateway that helps you sending money online to your friends and family and also lets you do online shopping.   If you see the PayPal logo on any website it states that you can securely make the transactions. But, what if you forgot your password, what to do next? You need to recover it. And, once you have recovered it, make sure you   change PayPal password   to keep something uncommon: There are 2 very easy steps to recover your password : Through OTP: For every PayPal account, there needs to be a registered mobile number that is linked directly to your account. This is the number with which PayPal communicates with its clients. You may also receive the alerts of your PayPal transactions if you set the correct permissions. This registered mobile number can also help you recover your forgotten password by receiving the OTP. All you need to do is click on forgot password on the login page and generate an OTP which will be sent to your mobile and once entered on the