8 Ways to Fix the Brother MFC-240C Problems

The Brother MFC 240C printer is a color inkjet multifunctional printing machine that can copy, scan, and fax your documents in addition to the print capabilities. It’s helpful for those users who have small desk space but need different equipment. Unfortunately, you may face glitches with your Brother printer at times that are not limited to error messages, but also include paper jams, poor print quality, and cartridges issues. In these situations, it’s recommended to look for an appropriate solution that is possible by getting expert assistance on the Brother Customer service number

Follow This Troubleshooting Guide to Fix a Malfunctioning Brother Printer:
If your MFC 240C printer keeps encountering issues and you want to fix them on your own, then you can follow the troubleshooting methods given below to solve problems.

Solution 1 – Restart your MFC-240C printer
To do so, you have to disconnect your Brother printer from the electrical outlet and wait for a few seconds before connecting it back to and powering it on again. Restarting the printer is helpful to solve the standby errors and other issues.

Solution 2 – Check the USB Cable Connectivity
Whenever your printer stops printing or doesn’t accept the print jobs from your PC, you should first check the cable connection that links your printer to the computer. Check the USB cord is firmly connected to the port on your system, and it’s not broken or loose.

Solution 3 – Clear the Paper Jam
If your Brother MFC-240C stops printing unexpectedly or you’re getting the ‘No Paper Fed’ error, then you can troubleshoot it by clearing the jammed paper. Turn your printer around and remove the cover. Gradually, tug the paper scraps and full sheets of paper out from your printer roller to remove the paper jam issue.

Solution 4 – Replace the Print Cartridges
If you’re getting the ‘Machine Error 46’ error message, you have to change the empty or used print cartridges with a new one to fix the problem. To change the cartridges correctly, you can follow the step-by-step directions available on the packing of the new cartridges or check the Brother printer’s user’s manual.

Solution 5 – Fix the ‘Out Of Memory’ error
To do so, you need to hit the ‘Menu’ button on your printer while scanning the document for faxing. Use arrow buttons to select the ‘Fax’ option and hit the ‘OK’ button. Select the ‘Print Fax’ option and then hit the ‘OK’ button. After completing the print jobs, hit the ‘Black’ button, followed by the ‘Stop or Exit’ key.

Solution 6 – Replace the printer’s memory card
If you’re getting the ‘Media Error,’ then it would be possible to solve out instantly by changing the damaged or broken card. To do so, eject it from the media slot on the front of your printer and check it for any damage like cracks and scratches. If the memory card is cracked, insert a new and compatible one.

Solution 7 – Resend the Fax document
In the event of ‘COMM.ERROR’ error, you can solve it out by resending the fax. If the error exists, it may be possible that your printer is not properly connected to the telephone line or it’s causing problems itself. To solve the issues, you have to cut off all equipment connected to the telephone line and test the telephone line to make sure that if it can directly relate to the telephone wall jack from the Line jack on your printer.

Solution 8 – Consult the Technician
If your MFC 240C printer is still not printing the documents, call at the helpline number to get immediate customer support for Brother Printer to solve out all issues. Whatever challenges you’re facing with your printer, all of them will instantly be tackled and solved by the technical experts. You can also Check if your Brother Printer shows offline error when it is not.


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